Pride Picknick 2020 – collab with wlwien

JD/ June 3, 2021/ Community, Events, General, Pride

Dear visis, dear everyone,

we would really love to be a part of a pride parade again. But unfortunately we think that it’s a little bit too soon for that. We would still love to see each other again – and provide an alternative for others who may not yet be ready to be in such a huge crowd again.
Because of that we’re hosting a pride picknick in collaboration with wlwien.

As usual, we want this to be a chill meetup, so bring blankets, food for yourself, games, friends – whatever you might want. (Alcohol is okay in small amounts but please be considerate of the people around you.)

When? June 19, 2021, 2 pm
Where? Augarten, enter from Gaussplatz and turn left (see screenshot at the end of this post)
Who? everyone under the bisexual umbrella and/or multisexual spectrum (mspec), as well as friends, partners, supporters.

Please follow these covid rules:

  • Keep a distance of 2m from other people outside your household/covid bubble.
  • 3G-rule: please only come to the picknick if you’re tested, recovered, and/or vaccinated. We have to check this, so please bring confirmation, without we’re gonna have to turn you away. We suggest you get PCR tested (for free via the day before to keep this event as safe as possible for everyone.
  • Only share foods that are packaged or that can be washed on site.

Because the weather hasn’t been the best recently we worked out the following alternatives:
Rainy walk alternative: if it’s not raining too heavily bring an umbrella and let’s go for a stroll. Meeting point at entry Gaussplatz, 19.6.2021, 2 pm
Alternative picknick 1: 20.6.2021, 2 pm, Augarten
Alternative picknick 2: 26.6.2021, 2 pm, Augarten
If it rains on June 19, we meet for a stroll in the rain instead. The picknick would be moved to the next day, June 20. If it rains on that day too, the picknick will take place on June 26. Should it rain on that day too, we give up for June and hope for better weather on the picknicks in July and August that we’re planning.

If you have any questions, just write us an email at contact [at] visibility-austria [dot] at, or message us on Facebook!

Our meetups are supposed to be safer spaces. Discrimination of any kind (transphobia, racism, ableism, classism, fatphobia, etc.) is not welcome and will be addressed.

Contact people for this picknick:
Andi (er/he)
Fynn (er/he)
Juno (sie/she)
Isabella of wlwien (sie/she)

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