visiBi*lity takes part in the Regenbogenmarsch for human rights

JD/ April 22, 2017/ General/ 0 comments

Yesterday the Regenbogenmarsch für Menschenrechte happened. Organised by To Russia with Love Austria, the demonstration wanted to point to the horrors queer people, specifically gay (and bisexual) men, have to face in Chechnya and Russia and send a signal FOR solidarity and AGAINST queer persecution. About 600-700 participants marched from the State Opera via the Hofburg to the Parliament, where, after a minute of silence, a closing ralley took place. The speakers were Gernot Lindner (HOSI Salzburg), Ewa Dziedzic (Grüne Andersrum), Marty Huber (Queer Base), Gerd Picher (To Russia With Love Austria) and Susanne Scholl (ORF-journalist and Russia expert). They demanded solidarity, more than empty words by our politicans and most of all easier ways for Chechen/Russian/other refugees, that get persecuted due to their sexuality, to seek asylum in Austria. The proceeds made by donations for buttons go to Queer Base, an organisation that supports queer refugees.

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