Meetups 2023

JD/ March 7, 2023/ Community

Since January we’re meeting at Villa Vida in Türkisrosalilavilla again. We meet every 3rd Thursday of the month, the dates for 2023 are: 19.01., 16.02., 16.03., 20.04., 18.05., 14.06., 20.07., 20.08., 21.09., 19.10., 16.11., 21.12. Edit June: The June meetup will take place on Wednesday instead of Thursday! Edit August: The August meetup will take place on Sunday, 20.8., at

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Pride Picknick 2020 – collab with wlwien

JD/ June 3, 2021/ Community, Events, General, Pride

Dear visis, dear everyone, we would really love to be a part of a pride parade again. But unfortunately we think that it’s a little bit too soon for that. We would still love to see each other again – and provide an alternative for others who may not yet be ready to be in such a huge crowd again.Because

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About the bisexual umbrella

JD/ September 23, 2020/ General

Maybe you’re thinking “pardon me?!” – but let me explain…. The term “bisexual” is not only its own identity but also an umbrella term to describe a multitude of non-monosexual sexualities (ie sexuality that is attracted to one gender only). The term has existed for a while, but it’s not clear who coined it. But this is also why we

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JD/ September 20, 2020/ Community, General

Dear visis, dear visitors, I think we don’t have to point out what a turbulent year 2020 is. Last year we finally found a new location for our monthly meet-up (shout out to Villa Vida!), now our meet-ups are primarily happening online, on our discord server. And apart from that, we had some changes, too: We finally redid our website

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Rainbow parade and Pride 2017

JD/ June 22, 2017/ Events, Pride

Pride Month was a good month for visiBi*lity. We had a table at the street festival (“andersrum ist nicht verkehrt” ~ “the other way round isn’t wrong”) in Otto-Bauer-Gasse, had a table at Pride Village and marched at the parade! Andersrum-ist-nicht-verkehrt street festival It took place on June 3rd and we were there and handed out flyers, talked to people

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STOP Hate Crime & Speech campaign kick-off in Innsbruck

JD/ May 15, 2017/ Events/ 0 comments

Last Saturday the campaign STOP Hate Crime & Speech got kicked off in Innsbruck. The whole thing was started by Verein Vielfalt and is a part of the No Hate Speech Movement by the Council of Europe. They offer a contact point for LGBTQIA+ people who have fallen victim to hate speech and/or crimes. You can report incidents anonymously online and don’t

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visiBi*lity takes part in the Regenbogenmarsch for human rights

JD/ April 22, 2017/ General/ 0 comments

Yesterday the Regenbogenmarsch für Menschenrechte happened. Organised by To Russia with Love Austria, the demonstration wanted to point to the horrors queer people, specifically gay (and bisexual) men, have to face in Chechnya and Russia and send a signal FOR solidarity and AGAINST queer persecution. About 600-700 participants marched from the State Opera via the Hofburg to the Parliament, where,

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