Bisexual Guide to Europe

Guide of bisexual groups and initiatives in Europe.

Bisexuals in Austria – visiBi*lity Austria: Facebook group, Facebook page and website – monthly meetings in Vienna

Bisexuals in Belgium – Facebook page Bisexual / Bisexuel – Belgique Belgium
Antwerp – Dubbel-zinnig
Brussels – Ambigu – Facebook profile, Facebook group and website in Nederlands, Français and English
Hasselt – Facebook page Ertussenin and website

Bisexuals in Denmark – Facebook page Bigruppen (LGBT Danmark)
Copenhagen – Bigruppen (the Bi group) in LGBT Denmark and Bipolitisk udvalg (the Bipolicy committee) in LGBT Denmark

Helsinki – Bi-naiset – Bi-Women’s group of the Feminist Association Unioni
Jyväskylä – Bi-ryhmä (Seta)
Tampere – Bipan+ -ryhmä (Pirkanmaan Seta)

Nice – Bi’Cause Nice
Paris – Bi’Cause website and Facebook page
Paris – Cercle B at MAG Jeunes LGBT
Strasbourg – Biloulou-ve-s
Toulouse – Bi Visible website and Facebook page
Bi blog – Le Biplan
Bi forum –

German Bisexual Network – Bisexuelles Netzwerk (BiNe) e.V.
Bisexuals in Germany – Facebook page and Yahoo group
Berlin – Bi Berlin website and Facebook page
Hamburg – Stammtisch Bi & Friends HH website and Facebook page
More local bi groups in Germany
Bi blog – Bisexualitaet website and Facebook page
Bi forum –
Bi magazine – BiJou – Bisexuelles Journal website and Facebook page

Bisexuals in Greece – Bi Sparkle – Facebook group, Facebook page and blog – meet-ups in Athens

Bisexuals in Ireland – Bi+ Ireland Network – Facebook page and group (secret, send your membership request to the moderators of the Bi+ Ireland Network) – meet-ups in Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Galway.
Facebook page Bisexual Visiblity in Ireland – marriage equality

Bisexuals in Italy – Facebook group Bisessualità e Bisessuali : il gruppo di AutoMutuoAiuto virtuale
Bi Visibility Day Italy – Facebook page Giornata Internazionale dell’orgoglio e della visibilità bisessuale
Bologna – Facebook page Bproud and blog
Verona – Facebook page Bisessuali pansessuali e queer Italiani, Facebook group Bisessuali e Pansessuali del Veneto and blog Bisessuali Italiani
Sardinia – Facebook group Bisessualità e pansessualità Sardegna : gruppo di supporto e confronto


Dutch Bisexual Network – Landelijk Netwerk Biseksualiteit (LNBi) – Facebook page Landelijk Netwerk Biseksualiteit (LNBi), Facebook group LNBi groep and website
Nijmegen – Facebook page Bi Café Nijmegen
Annual Dutch bi conference – Holland BiCon – Facebook page and website
Bi forum – Het grote Bi-forum
Bi Women’s Group Bijou

Bisexuals in Norway – Facebook group Bifile i Norge
Oslo – #biproud – Activities in FRI Oslo og Akershus

Bisexuals in Poland – Facebook page Biszkopty

Lisbon – Facebook page Actibistas – Coletivo Pela Visibilidade Bissexual

Bisexuals in Serbia – Facebook page and group Biseksualke i Biseksualci Srbije

Bisexuals in Slovenia – Facebook page KVartIR – for visibility, networking and raising awareness of bisexual, transgender and asexual identities

Bisexuals in Slovakia – Facebook group and website Bi- Centrum – Bisexuálne Centrum.

Barcelona – Enrenou Facebook page and group – for bisexual activism and other plurisexual identities
Madrid – Facebook profile Grupo Bi (Cogam)
Madrid – Facebook page Área Bisexualidad (Felgtb)
Valencia – Facebook page La Banda de Moebius
Canary Islands – Tenerife – Area Bisexual (Algarabía)
Canary Islands – Gran Canaria – Facebook page Bithopia Comunidad Bisexual Canarias
Bi blog – STOP Bifobia Facebook page and group

Bisexuals in Sweden – BiQuPan Facebook group and Facebook page for meet-ups in Göteborg, Lund, Malmö, Stockholm, Uppsala and other places BiQuPans evenemang
Göteborg – Bi-gruppen, RFSL Göteborg Facebook group
Malmö Lund – BiQuPan Malmo Lund Facebook group
Uppsala – Bi, pan och multifika Uppsala (öppen grupp) Facebook group

Bi portal –
Basel – Bisexuelle Basel – HABS
Bern – Homosexuelle Arbeitsgruppen Bern (HAB) – Gesprächsgruppe Bi-/Pan
Genève – Association 360 Groupe Bi
Zurich – Homosexuelle Arbeitsgruppen Zürich (HAZ) – HAZ Bi-Gruppe

UK: England – Scotland – Wales
Local groups guide by Bi Community News
Bi’s of Colour – The Tumblr space for the UK Bi’s of Colour group.
BiCon Continuity Ltd – The UK bisexual community charity.
Bi Community News – Britain’s bimonthly bisexual magazine since 1995. News, opinion and community information across the UK.
Biscuit – Online magazine for girls who like all genders. – Bi news.
Bisexual Index – To point out that bisexuality exists, highlight biphobia and direct you to UK’s bisexual community.
UK BiCon – Annual UK bi conference.

European Bisexual Network for Activists – more information

Bi Visibility Day – Since 1999. Celebrating Bisexuality every year on 23 September. #bivisibilityday #biweek

(This Guide has been compiled by Hilde Vossen. If something is missing please, let us know! We’re looking forward to your feedback.)