Yes, we actually exist!

We are not confused, we don’t have difficulties deciding, we are not in a phase, we are not “half gay” or “half straight”, we don’t hide our “true homosexuality” behind our “heterosexual privileges” and we are not constantly unfaithful or have commitment issues!

We are and always will be bi* and/or pan – not depending on the sex and/or gender of our partner – and we are proud of our identity!

visiBi*lity Austria‘s goal is to be a network and contact point for bi*sexuals and pansexuals in Austria, as well as their friends/next of kin/supporters – far away from prejudices from hetero- and homosexual communities.

visiBi*lity Austria is also open for everybody who – no matter their sexual orientation and/or gender identity – is looking into bi*sexuality and/or pansexuality. Together we’re strong – together we stand up against bi* phobia, bi* antagonism and bi* erasure and/or pan phobia, pan antagonism and pan erasure!