About the bisexual umbrella

JD/ September 23, 2020/ General

Maybe you’re thinking “pardon me?!” – but let me explain…. The term “bisexual” is not only its own identity but also an umbrella term to describe a multitude of non-monosexual sexualities (ie sexuality that is attracted to one gender only). The term has existed for a while, but it’s not clear who coined it. But this is also why we

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JD/ September 20, 2020/ Community, General

Dear visis, dear visitors, I think we don’t have to point out what a turbulent year 2020 is. Last year we finally found a new location for our monthly meet-up (shout out to Villa Vida!), now our meet-ups are primarily happening online, on our discord server. And apart from that, we had some changes, too: We finally redid our website

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